Skills For Success For New Yoga Teachers

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Thy is has run this course successfully 3 times and will look to run it again later this year. It’s for new(ish) yoga teachers who have recently completed a Yoga Teacher Training (usually 200hrs) and are keen to get started on their yoga teaching career journeys.
In this smaller group setting, receive live and direct coaching and feedback for your teaching cues to get you teaching ready ASAP. A good amount of time is also spent on hands-on adjustments and assists and Thy is adaptable to the group and able to offer more or less of a certain area as the group setting may direct.
The course is 20 hours, and as Thy is a member of Yoga Australia, those who require CPD points, are able to use this course to earn them. This course is also an amazing opportunity to connect with other yoga teachers, to share ideas, for peer support, or even to build your network of those you trust for class covers when you go on holiday!
Here’s what the course will cover:
  • Best practices for starting up your yoga business; what you need to know (certificates, licenses you need to have) before you start teaching yoga publicly
  • Creating an effective Yoga CV and cover letters for corporate yoga, gyms/fitness centres, and yoga studios
  • How to start obtaining yoga teaching work in Sydney or tips on increasing your weekly number of yoga classes
  • Practising teaching; verbalising and refining teaching cues and finding your voice and confidence in teaching public classes
  • Understanding the different types of hands-on adjustments & assists, the importance of them, and actively practising the ones that are most effective and most often used/needed in your classes
  • Learn how to most effectively and practically sequence yoga sessions for your students, considering their needs.
  • How to integrate class themes for each type of client/students you have, or would like to engage (corporates, yoga studio, gyms, fitness centres/studios
  • Practical meditation practices and pranayama techniques (Thy will provide resources)
  • Overview of social media platforms and which one(s) might be most effective for you, as well as etiquette and best practices 
thy nguyen skills for success for new yoga teachers
“My aim is to prepare and assist yoga teachers to be the best teachers they can be, and to share the vast benefits of yoga to as many people as possible, in a deeply connected, engaged and meaningful way.” ~ Thy Nguyen
Since 2007, Thy has completed over 1200 hours of formal yoga teacher training with a number of different yoga schools and styles, with incredibly knowledgeable and experienced teachers such as John Ogilvie, Ted Grand and Jessica Robertson, Judith Hanson Lasater, Rameen Peyrow, Ryan Leier, Bryan Kest and Sarah Powers. Thy has also attended and continues to attend many yoga and self-development workshops and courses to satisfy her thirst for knowledge and to stay inspired and true in her yoga teaching and in life. She has been practicing yoga since 2004, been teaching in Sydney for over 6 years and opened Modo Yoga Sydney in 2015.
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SUNDAY 8:00 AM – 5:00PM
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