30 Day Yoga Challenge

30 day challenge yoga sydney


YOU CAN TOTALLY DO THIS AND YOU SHOULD! The 30 Day Challenge is a way to challenge your mind and body, especially as we come into spring and have increased energy and motivation! Get closer to your yoga teachers, deepen your knowledge and awareness of yoga and your life and make some friends who are also on the challenge!

It’s $35 for those on the AIR Memberships and $180 for non-members. Sign up and you’ll get 30 days of unlimited yoga (usually $190) and some other cool stuff, like: 2 workshops (valued at $65); Align & Refine, which breaks down the yoga poses, and a Masterclass on the Chakras.

At the end, you’ll not only feel absolutely amazing! If you complete 30 classes in 30 days, you’ll gain the bragging rights of finishing 30 days of yoga, receive a sweet Finisher’s singlet (valued of $30), and get a Finisher’s goodie bag (filled with some awesome stuff; both home made with love and hand-picked with care. But actually, we know why you’ll sign up… because we have an awesome sticker board and after each practise you get to choose the sticker of your choice and proudly track your classes!



October 1 – October 30, 2019
• workshop, Align & Refine with Carmen & Thy, Sun Oct 6
• special class, Chakras Masterclass with Carmen, Sun Oct 20
• For those who COMPLETE the 30 Days, earn your Finisher’s Singlet
& Goodie Bag filled with awesome stuff!

$35 for AIR Members (sign up in-studio)
$180 for Non-Members